A team of present day archeologists and a 1930’s Hollywood actress venture through time, pursued by a ruthless biblical princess,

 to an infamous Old West town called Tombstone.

Welcome to the home of the Timekeeper


 Drs. Sam Creighton and Beth Dickson lead a team of present day archeologists and a 1939 Hollywood actress on an unexpected voyage through time, pursued through the millennia by Annyebet, a revenge-driven half-Egyptian princess determined to unlock the ancient temporal secrets of the Passage of Babel—and use it to become a pharaoh more powerful than any god.

The 90 minute science-fiction feature "Timekeepers" is scheduled to begin filming in (TBA), written by H. Scott Hughes and produced by Stephen McKinnon, of Canada (East) Films Inc.  with Executive Producer Suzanne Lyons, of Snowfall Films,  http://www.snowfallfilms.com/, LA California.  This film is based on the novel "Timekeeper" by Stephen McKinnon.  A top name cast and crew is being assembled and investors are being invited to contact the producer at [email protected].  This feature is to be filmed in New Brunswick, Canada using as many cast and crew as possible from the province.  Be watching for promotions and posters in the near future.  Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

Following are comments from Jim Lavoie (Bulldog Publicity):

"Timekeepers” just may be the most action driven script I have ever read, this grabs you by the collar and fires you into a cauldron of SiFi Nirvana, Time is on your side or is it ? Strong Characters, great cadence, plot all in a screen script revision from the novel "Timekeepers" written by Stephen McKinnon! The screenplay adaptation was written by the renown H.Scott Hughes. With Suzanne Lyons at the helm this may well be the mold breaker for Canadian Film" …

"Another exciting aspect of this potential production is the commitment of management to utilize New Brunswick resources (talent both sides of the camera wherever possible) and to utilize some of the great locations New Brunswick has to offer for principle photography! World class talent, working with New Bruswickers in New Brunswick -winning formula all the way around!”

Following is a link to an article written about Timekeepers by Kellie Underhill, Editor at Bread n' Molasses magazine.  http://www.breadnmolasses.com/2012/08/07/from-our-editor-huge-opportunity-lets-grab-it/



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